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Yvonne Gilbert

Law Enforcement, Cyber Fraud Expert & Founder

Yvonne Gilbert is the founder of Salus Cyber Solutions, a security platform that provides customized cybersecurity awareness training and risk assessments. Growing up, Yvonne shared a home with dozens of foster children and developed a passion for protecting those who couldn't defend themselves. After earning a Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice and a Master of Arts in Public Administration, she graduated from the New York State Police Academy. She went on to serve more than 20 years with the New York State Police, retiring as the youngest Senior Investigator in charge at the Financial Crimes Unit.

In her work, Yvonne conducted forensic audits of cybercrimes, assisting thousands of businesses and individuals victimized by family members, business associates, and strangers. In working with victims of computer fraud, Yvonne saw a pattern in vulnerabilities and lack of training. Today Yvonne's company teaches small and large businesses how to protect themselves from cybercrime and conducts forensic audits and educational seminars.

Yvonne has received numerous awards throughout her lifetime including recognition from the U.S. Department of the Treasury and Financial Crimes Enforcement Network for consecutive year investigative expertise in Law Enforcement Criminal Investigation and Cyber Threat and Suspicious Activity categories.

Yvonne lives in South Carolina with her husband, three very active children, and two dogs.

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