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Tia Clark


Tia Clark is the founder of Casual Crabbing with Tia, an experience that allows locals and visitors to learn how to catch crab, shrimp and fish. Her “Let’s Go Crabbing” experience is ranked among AirBnB’s top four in the world.

On the advice of a cousin, Tia turned to crabbing as a way to be more active. She had already changed her diet and improved her quality of life following a health scare, and she needed to start getting some exercise. Throwing a seven-foot cast net a few hours a day, she continued to make progress and eventually lost over 100 pounds.

When friends started asking her to take visiting friends or family with her, she was hesitant. However, when she started sharing her love of crabbing with others, she found that including other people in her passion made it even better, and her business was born.

Tia teaches visitors from all over the world where their shrimp and crab come from and how to catch, clean, and cook them. Welcoming strangers as new friends and sharing her knowledge hasn’t just made her more successful, it’s made her happier.


Learn more about Tia and make sure to book an experience with her! I took my kids and they LOVE it. Visit Tia's Website!

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