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Sponsorship Options for Like A Girl: Dare To Dream


Fer Caggiano, an internationally recognized artist living in Charleston, SC, has a mission:

To encourage and empower all girls and women.

To help fulfill that mission, she is creating a bold and dynamic project that recognizes diverse, successful women through their portraits and stories.

And this is your opportunity to be part of this amazing project.

Fer’s large, striking oil paintings are works of beauty, but more than that, they change the stereotype of what it means to act “like a girl”.

The creation and exhibition of the 40+ portraits will shine a light on the struggle of girls and women to be respected. An art book comprised of all the paintings along with the women’s stories also will be produced. “Like a girl” can mean strong and effective … but only if we show examples of such women to help drive change in attitudes and actions.

Net proceeds from Like A Girl: Dare To Dream© fundraiser will be donated to nonprofit organizations that help girls and women reach their highest potential, thus further extending the impact of this endeavor

Please see the attached information outlining various ways to participate, and please feel free to contact the below individuals with questions.

With much gratitude,

Fer Caggiano
Artist and CEO
Fer Caggiano Art LLC
Robin Scarella     
Public Relations & Special Events
Fer Caggiano Art LLC



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    Fer Caggiano Art, 121 Palm Cove Way, Mt. Pleasant, SC 29466


    PRESENTING and VISION sponsors: Please send logo files to

    The Strong and Inspiring Women (to date)

    • Allison Ashe-Arriola | Aviation/Military
    • Barbara Ashe | Government
    • Melissa Barker | Women Entrepreneurs Inc
    • Janet Bates | Construction
    • Lisa Berry | Information Technology/Business Ownership
    • Kimberly Brock Brown | Chef
    • Tia Clark | Excursions/Business Ownership
    • Heather Collins | Neuroscience/Research
    • Paula Dezzutti (Pixie Paula) | Publishing; Hospitality; Business Ownership
    • Kenya Dunn | Motivational Speaking
    • Gabrielle Forgione | Computer Science/Coding
    • Hannah Giddens | Science/Program Management
    • Ayelet Gilady | Gemology; Law; Military
    • Yvonne Gilbert | Law Enforcement/Cyber Fraud
    • Ann Graham | Firefighting Leadership
    • Misty Guinn | Human Resources/Benefits
    • Mulern Jean | Olympics Athlete
    • Vicky Johnson | Military/Veterans Services
    • Yeakia Johnson | Aviation/Project Management
    • Elizabeth Kane | Scientific Officer
    • Amanda Baxley Kalinsky | Personal Family Genetics; Nonprofit Leadership; Healthcare
    • Charmaine Kelly |437th Airlift Wing Command Chief
    • Erin Kienzle | TV Presenter, Auctioneer
    • Arianne King Comer | Art
    • Dr Reshma Khan | medical obgyn, head of free clinic
    • Jessica Koenig | Sailing; Community Education
    • Karen Lucht | Space and Aeronautics; Nonprofit Leadership
    • Erin Mansour | Fitness
    • Sandy Morckel | Nonprofit leadership
    • Sarah O Kelley | Sommelier
    • Donna Roberts | Space and Aeronautics/Neuroscience
    • Tessa Spencer | TV/Radio personality
    • Kelly Trager | Art/Business Ownership
    • Carol Wilhite | Law Enforcement