Reforestation Project

reforestation project

During the summer in 2019 I felt an urge to work on a series inspired by my Brazilian upbringing and it was the theme of my featured show in September at the Lowcountry Artists Gallery, here in Charleston. At the same time we had the horrific fires in many forests in South America, specially in the Amazon. That was when I decided I should send part of my profits on this series to help with a reforestation project. I reached out to my friends back home and this is the project I decided to be involved with.

When you buy from my Brazil (SAUDADE) series, you are helping with donations for this project.

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At the moment we are living it will take several actions so that we do not suffer from water shortages. One of them is the planting of native trees, mainly near springs and along rivers, in riparian forests. Where there is forest there is pure water coming from the springs even at the driest times of the year.

ALWAYS GOOD TO REMEMBER: Trees help in water production in many ways. The first is by collaborating with the regulation of the planet's climate. For this reason forests are critical in combating climate change and adapting, mitigating the negative effects of climate change as extreme events. Another, with a more local effect, is to help regulate water flow. Forests hold excess rainwater, gradually releasing it to rivers, dams and springs. Vegetation also contributes to maintaining water quality by filtering out various sediments and pollutants and avoiding siltation. Native trees ultimately form part of and protect biodiversity.

Come participate in the recovery of one hectare (10,000 m2) of Atlantic Forest in Serra da Bocaina (UNESCO World Heritage), in the municipality of São José do Barreiro - S.P.

This hectare to be recovered is in the buffer zone of the Serra da Bocaina National Park and within a property that is today a RPPN (Private Natural Heritage Reserve). RPPNs have a perpetual character, are permanent conservation units, which make them a legacy for future generations.

It will protect two springs that supply the Paraíba do Sul River and allow others to emerge. This river is born in the state of São Paulo, Serra da Bocaina and flows into the Atlantic Ocean in the state of Rio de Janeiro.It is located in the most developed and most populous region of the country and, therefore, has great socioeconomic importance. The territory of its basin bathes 88 municipalities in Minas Gerais, 57 in Rio de Janeiro and 39 in São Paulo.

It is also important to note that we are part of a group of forest keepers around, and together we protect and care for an area of over 500 hectares of forest.This group consists of seven properties and is in the expansion phase. We carry out environmental education actions in and around the city and act in local politics.

The location chosen for this reforestation is difficult to reach, either on foot or 4wd vehicle, but it is very important to help the forest reconnect.It will create a wildlife corridor and strengthen natural regeneration, a process that is already happening at the forest edges on both sides.

So if you've always wanted to do something to reduce the impacts of climate change, this is your chance!Be part of this project!Here's how many trees we want to plant:- using 3m x 2m spacing, on 1 hectare we will plant a total of 1666 seedlings (we will buy 1700)+ 500 juçara (native palm tree) seedlings in the existing forest.

Amount calculated to recover this area, including tillage, purchase of seedlings, transportation, planting labor and subsequent monitoring:

R$ 22.000,00 broken down like this:

PLANT: 26%

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