Philanthropy Through Art

I have always believed the power to make the world a better place for all is by private actions. Yes, the government should be taking care of it but instead of expecting them to do it, I say: Why don't WE do something about it?

My friends know that I truly live by those words. From being vegetarian to refusing a plastic straw on my beverage, are small attitudes that everyone can do on a daily basis.

How about we take a step further? In my case, being an artist I have decided to use my gift to a greater good. Sometimes it may be a series to help bring light to a matter in need, sometimes a fundraiser to support cause I believe in, sometimes by simply donating part of my profits to benefit others.

One of my most fond memories as a kid was taking gifts and personally handing them over to the homeless people in Sao Paulo on Christmas Eve with my mom. In my late twenties, I spent 4 years as a full-time volunteer. Now I am a mom and I can't afford the extra time so I have figured out other ways to help.

Besides all of the fundraisers I donate art for, I have personal projects I am doing for the benefit of others. My current projects are:

Like A Girl: Dare To Dream and Reforestation in Brazil.

I have also recently signed up with Ecologi and for every $30 spent on my shop, I send funds to plant a tree through their program.


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