Like A Girl: Dare To Dream presents

Paula "Pixie" Dezzutti


"Pixie" Paula Dezzutti is the mother of nine children and has launched more than 50 brands. She is also the CEO of numerous corporations, including Skirt Magazine, Pixie Records, and Local Choice Spirits, a family-run, award-winning brand development and distribution platform that includes The Striped Pig Distillery. With a background in investment banking, financial planning, and real estate development, 

Pixie set out to disrupt and diversify the male-dominated distilling industry.

As Pixie took on leadership roles in her life, she had to dig deep for the courage to stay committed to her values and vision when others were threatened by her passion or frustrated and judgmental when they couldn't see what she saw. Though Pixie knows first-and-foremost that women are often ridiculed and experience a lack of support when they embrace their drive and abilities, she never let it stop her.

Pixie has become a role model for women, encouraging them to be themselves in male-dominated spaces and to stay the course in their values. She has been featured in Forbes Magazine, USA Today, Bloomberg Finance, The Huffington Post, Wine & Country Magazine, and Entrepreneur Mind World. She has spoken at events including The Los Angeles Brand Innovation Summit, The Confidence Factor for Women, The Sophia Institute's Women Rising Conference, and many more. In 2021, Charleston Business Magazine named her in 2020's Top 50 Most Influential People and Hall of Famers.

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