The New World of NFT Art

On Foundation

Playing With FIre

Inspired by the mesmerizing aspects of fire, this collection was triggered by contemplating the playful dance of a gypsy, and invites you to appreciate a life of freedom.

The Phoenix

Based on my original large oil painting (60x48"). 

Animated to offer an exclusive creativity layer as NFT art.

I Don't Give A F***

This piece was selected for the juried show at the City Gallery in Charleston, during the Spoleto Festival 2019 and I consider it my MonaLisa (so far).

A favorite for all the feminists out there.

John Lenon - Imagine

Tribute to John Lennon and the 50th anniversary of IMAGINE.

After getting such a fantastic engagement on social media, I decided to animate it and turn this art into my first GENESIS NFT.

SOLD on John Lennon's birthday. What a legendary sale!


Original Art by Fer Caggiano

The Unveiled Collection is my most intimate series.

Minted via Manifold under Fer Caggiano ERC-721 contract.

Opensea Collections

The Red Heels Series

The Red Heels series is my first collection of fully digital paintings. It is based on a photoshoot I did of a friend when she came to visit my Art Studio. At first, I intended to create original oil paintings but after I started my journey on NFTs I felt they were perfect for my first fully digital creation.

The Hive - SOLD OUT - only on secondary now

The Hive is a collection of 33 (1/1 NFT art) bees based on my original art for a solo exhibition at the Grand Bohemian Gallery in Charleston, SC. With this project, I invite you to learn more about the importance of bees and pollinators. 

Dare To Dream: NFT Community

I am thrilled to bring this project to the metaverse and expand empowering women and non-binary in the NFT community.

Like A Girl: Dare To Dream. 

Based on the 42 paintings from the exhibition held at the City Gallery this year.

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Original Art by Fer Caggiano

Assorted stand-alone pieces.


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