Like A Girl: Dare To Dream presents

Misty Guinn

Director of Customer Advocacy at Benefitfocus

In her professional career, Misty Guinn is dedicated to helping others improve their total wellbeing through education, culture, relationships, and a supportive environment. Misty’s guiding principle is to be a voice, not an echo, and to cultivate that courage in others. Instead of trying to get people to fit inside preconceived boxes others have built for them, she invites people to challenge their assumptions.

Misty’s resiliency is born of challenging childhood experiences, including domestic violence, divorce, and personal health issues. Still, she found strength watching her single mother put herself through nursing school and from the brave man that became a father to her and her two sisters. She is inspired every day by the unconditional love from her husband and two sons. 

Misty has a passion for inspiring young girls, and she offers these three tips:

★ Let the loudest voice in your head be your voice. Do not negotiate your self-worth based on other opinions. What other people think of you is none of your business!

★ Play big with your voice. Do not make yourself or your dreams small to make others feel better or less intimidated. Show up and be seen!

★ Self-care is not selfish – Speak up! Self-care is all about giving the world the best of you, rather than what’s left of you.

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