Like A Girl: Dare To Dream by Fer Caggiano

Empowering & Educational Artwork embodying strong and inspiring women in South Carolina

Photography by Ansley Peace, Charleston Style & Design Magazine.

The canvas is a powerful tool and the blueprint of an artist. Its creative essence tells a narrative with the use of color, emotion, texture and layers. 

International artist Fer Caggiano has embarked on a journey to celebrate the heroic achievements of 40 remarkable women, who have transcended life’s challenges to create a legacy of inspiration. 

The artistic and colorful celebration of women is a time honored tradition, but never before has the medium of storytelling, art and achievement come together in a more poignant and emotional way.

The vision of Charleston, South Carolina based Fer Caggiano and her dedication to sharing the beautiful stories of these 40 remarkable women is the culmination of a journey from the heart.

These 40 women all come from different walks of life, but together they share the common link of reaching the pinnacle of their dreams.

Come with us as we take a walk into this transparent, vulnerable and powerful passage that is “Like a Girl: Dare to Dream”.

Paint Like A Girl

"Born in Brazil, where a deeply patriarchal culture heavily influences women’s societal roles, Caggiano had long ago had-it-up-to-here with sexism. Ever a peaceful warrior, she drew on her years of living in a Buddhist temple and working at a meditation school to create a work that would serve as a personal, diplomatic response to the criticism.

The response took the form of I Don’t Give A F*ck, a magnificent self-portrait of Caggiano holding up a finger—the middle one—to her sweetly pursed lips. The work truly is among her best. It was selected for the juried show at the City Gallery during Spoleto, and prints fly out of her Etsy shop. The artist had hit a vein, which made her realize she wanted to paint more strong women. Lots more. Like A Girl: Dare to Dream was born." (read full article)


For Charleston Style and Design Magazine


  • 40 portraits: 30″x40” oil paintings
  • Art Book with the paintings and stories of all women in this project.
  • Exhibition: March 11th - May 2nd 2021 at the City Gallery (book your free visit)
  • Virtual Reception and speech from some of these inspiring women
  • Fundraiser to be held after the exhibition

The biggest goal on this project is awareness, however, the net proceeds of the fundraiser will be donated to 3 organizations that help girls and women to reach their highest potential: 

YWCA Greater Charleston;

Girls on the Run Coastal Carolina; 

and Women in Aviation, Palmetto Pride Chapter.

I would like to share this commercial as it was a HUGE influence on the kick-off to this project:

Artist Statement

I have always felt a calling to use my art to lift people up and make the world a better place for all living things. I am also always questioning. The project Like A Girl: Dare To Dream came to life is meant to enlighten others and empower women and girls to reach their full potentials. Thinking, feeling, and acting "like a girl" should mean that you are strong and intelligent and can achieve greatness!

Art is all about creating a shift in someone's mind. If a person is uneasy, art can bring peace. If someone feels stagnant, art can make them move. Like A Girl is meant to create movement in viewers' hearts and minds and engage people in a dialogue about the present and future roles of girls and women in our communities. It also will directly support efforts to empower girls and women through donations to relevant organizations. I hope your life is enriched by viewing these portraits and learning about each of my muses' stories.

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