Like A Girl: Dare To Dream presents

Kenya Dunn

Entrepreneur & Speaker

Kenya Dunn is an experienced corporate executive, entrepreneur, and speaker. Like many other women, Kenya’s journey through corporate America and entrepreneurship has been plagued with obstacles that could have hindered her success. Being an African-American woman amplified, and in some cases intensified, the barriers on her climb.

Kenya attributes her success to several factors, but one significantly drives how she shows up in the world: Mentorship. The mentorship of other women gave Kenya the advantage she needed to become what some have called an “unstoppable force” in business and community engagement.

Kenya wanted to create an environment for women of color to connect and grow together. She launched the Power Tribe in 2020. She believes that for women of color to achieve their highest potential, they must be surrounded by women who understand the nuances of who they are while challenging them to grow, stretch and become POWER-FILLED.

Kenya’s track record for helping women chart their careers earned her the YWCA’s 2020 What Women Bring Award for Women in Business.

When Kenya is not sharing the Power Tribe with the world, she runs her consulting company, The PFW, LLC, where she helps leaders improve their bottom line through diversity, equity and inclusion strategic planning, leadership development, and culture transformation.

Learn More about Kenya at the Power Tribe Community website.

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