Like A Girl: Dare To Dream presents

Erin Mansour

Stryke Fitness Creator & Owner

Erin Mansour is the creator and owner of Stryke Fitness, reality show competitor, and the author of Discover Your Roar. Before taking responsibility for her own inner and outer healing, Erin had to overcome significant obstacles in her life, including teenage pregnancy, addiction, abuse, dropping out of high school, panic attack disorder, obesity, and anorexia. She fought hard to get sober and educated and made a promise to herself that she would take all that she went through to help others become the best versions of themselves.

As a single mom, Erin earned her Bachelor of Arts from the College of Charleston, became a NIA instructor and a licensed Esthetician. She went on to complete a master's degree in business. Today, Erin is a mother of four, certified personal trainer, motivational speaker, life coach, and entrepreneur who uses her platforms to meet women or men where they are and take them to the next level of their lives.

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