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Ayelet Gilady

Vice President Diamonds Direct

Ayelet Gilady, Vice President, joined Diamonds Direct in 2015. Before joining the Diamonds Direct family, Gilady worked in the Israeli Diamond Exchange, where she received her education as a Graduate Gemologist. She moved to Charleston in 2015, where she opened and led that location for five years. In July 2020, she moved to Boca Raton, Florida, where she opened Diamonds Direct’s 19th location.

Although Gilady's current focus is the diamond industry, her professional life began in advertising and business development, working for over a decade with Israel's most well-established agencies. This elevated her to the role of CEO and co-owner of her own agency in Tel Aviv. Her aptitude for contracts led her to law school, where she fell in love with commercial and tort law. Gilady is a member of the Israeli Bar Association and was a practicing attorney for two years.

Gilady believes there are no limits to what women can accomplish in their personal and professional lives. Anytime Gilady has been met with an obstacle, it has only given her more determination. Determination to succeed, believe, and reach her potential. With all goals in life, Gilady meets them with love and passion.

Gilady has a passion for giving back to the community and non-profit world. She is a firm believer in not taking anything for granted. She started volunteering at a young age and thanks her mother for raising her with the firm belief that it's essential to give back to others continually.

Gilady's message is simple, "Do not just dream about success, work for it."