Meet The Artist

Passionate about using art as a voice and a means to create a more sustainable and equitable world.

Fer Caggiano is creative and compassionate, as colorful and compelling as her paintings, and her work has been showcased worldwide. Fer’s talent captures and commemorates important moments on canvas.

Fer Caggiano

An artist who creates –and acts – from a grateful heart and a generous spirit.

Fer (short for Fernanda, and pronounced “fair”) is a renowned painter whose diverse landscapes, portraits, and still life are highly sought after. Fer’s works are contemporary and always evolving. She is known for using heavy impasto technique, but her creativity also leads to constant exploration and use of bold new approaches. Fer’s pieces are filled with vibrant movement while simultaneously conveying a sense of peace and joy. Her works not only capture beauty in people and the environment, but they also serve a higher purpose: through her art, Fer is helping to create a more sustainable and equitable world.

Early Life
Born in Brazil, Fer’s childhood was driven by two strong desires: creating art and protecting the world. At 12 years old, her sand sculpture won first place in an adult art competition. As she continuously drew, carved and painted, she also tried to “talk” ants out of their home instead of using pesticides and she bicycled around the neighborhood distributing hand-drawn posters about saving the environment. As a teenager, however, Fer believed that art was not a practical career choice, so she earned a marketing degree and began her professional life in that field.

New Locations and New Directions
After years of feeling unfulfilled, Fer moved away from Brazil and back to her first love – painting. She studied at New York’s Art Students League and then lived in London, and she began to be awarded and recognized for her work. Her relentless drive to be famous, though, left her spiritually empty. To fill the void, Fer returned to Brazil and served as a resident artist at a Buddhist temple and volunteered at a meditation school. That four-year spiritual journey redirected and grounded Fer “to serve humanity” with a new focus on bringing joy rather than gaining fame. She also was influenced by her experiences of living in isolation in the Brazilian mountains and later becoming a single mother. Finally, visiting with an old friend led to unexpected love and a major shift in her life. In 2017, Fer married Jason Bausano from Charleston, South Carolina, USA, where she and her son now reside and where her studio is located.

Serving a Higher Purpose
Fer Caggiano is still driven. Her childhood desires have strengthened and matured; she now uses art as a voice and vehicle for change as well as a means of bringing joy to others. Fer is restless with a sense of indignation at injustices in the world, and her works support her current philanthropic efforts to empower girls and women as well as reforestation in Brazil. (Please see “Philanthropy”, “Like a Girl” and “Reforestation” projects).

Awards and Honors
Fer Caggiano’s art has been recognized worldwide and showcased in multiple galleries, including the prestigious Agora Gallery, SOHO. She is regularly featured on television shows and in print and online publications, invited to participate in solo and group exhibitions, and highlighted in art books. (Please see “Recognition/Awards” and “Testimonials”.)

You Are Invited
Fer Caggiano is creative and compassionate, as colorful and compelling as her paintings. Her talent captures and commemorates important moments on canvas. In Fer’s words, “I honor my clients by creating art that is powerful and touches the lives of others.” While creating beauty, she also fearlessly uses art to bring awareness to critical issues. Fer’s striking paintings will enrich your life and at the same time, you will gain satisfaction from knowing that you are improving our world. She welcomes your interest in available or commissioned works and in her mission. Please contact Fer at 843-743-1436 or