Closing business. I appreciate those who supported me but I can’t afford to keep it running.

Fire Hydrant | Original Oil Painting | 16x20"-original art-fercaggiano

Fire Hydrant | Original Oil Painting | 16x20"

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This is the first piece of my American Icons series. I grew up watching American movies, and being a foreigner there were a lot of things that seemed iconic and even fake like staged for a movie. The red fire hydrant is one of my favorites! You can expect me to work on a classic yellow school bus, a mailbox, a windmill and some other dozen of classic Americana. This is not my top of the list project, so the other icons may take some time to come out unless there is some serious interest, so I would certainly work under commission. Just let me know!

Original Art. Black floater frame. Ready to hang!


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black floater, ready to hang