Wild Dunes Commissioned Art

Last month I was approached to work on a commissioned piece for a 60th birthday celebration gift. My client sent me a photo she took and that her husband - the birthday boy - wanted to be printed. Instead, she decided I could make it even more special by creating a painting from it.

So the challenge was set.

When using photos for inspiration, I usually try to have a few images so I can play with the composition, colors, etc. This time I had one photo only. This makes the job a bit harder because I would never consider myself a "copyist" and I had to work pretty close to the reference I was given.

My client said she loves my style, my texture, and colors. So the challenge was to reproduce her capture using my style and yet, keeping the same look and feel from her photo.

As in every commission I get, I was nervous. Even though I absolutely LOVE working under commission, it is always nerve-racking because I want to make sure I deliver a piece the client will love. I am never satisfied with less than an "I absolutely love it" feedback.

So I worked hours straight, submerged myself into the feeling from that image and I finally got what I wanted. I sent the picture to the client, and after a minor detail adjustment, she was very pleased. I then went to deliver it and that is when I can truly tell my client is happy. She stood in front of the art, admiring it for a few minutes with a pleasant smile on her face.

Then one final step. What did the husband think of it? Lucky for me, I was invited to the party and he only saw the painting AFTER I was in and I saw his reaction. Absolutely priceless! He was so happy there were tears in his eyes. My friend (the wife) thought the painting would stay at the home here but he wants it back in Chicago so he can have a piece of SC when he is there.

Happy client, happy artist. That is my motivation! And I truly appreciate all the trust I get from you all when asking me to make an image, an emotion, palpable into a piece of art!

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