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What Are The Meaning For Different Color Roses

I love colors, I love roses and I love symbology. Therefore, today I am going to talk you through the color meaning for roses.

So, what is the meaning for each color of roses?

Let’s say you want to buy flowers to a loved one and you want the correct message going along with the gift. Maybe you want to decorate a room with purpose. Or you may just wish to send the appropriate notecard with the right rose meaning color in it?

Bottom line is, you should know the meaning of the color of a rose before you choose it.

Roses meaning by color:


Love, Respect, Courage, Passion, Well Done, Congratulations

Deep Red Rose Art

Red is the number one choice of roses when you are in love. Whether a person is aware of it or not, when they give you red roses it basically means they have a strong desire towards you. Red roses immediately bring to mind passion and true love. Most people will say red roses express love, romance, beauty, and courage. However, when you cross-reference, red is also the color of our base chakra, the one responsible for our primal needs. In astronomy, it is related to the planet Mars and indicates action, impulse. So, my conclusion is that red roses would be most accurate to express PASSION. Reason why you see red roses in tango and flamenco.


Happiness, Elegance, Romance, Grace, Admiration, Sweetness, Appreciation, Gratitude and Thank You

Pink Rose Art

The color significance of roses may vary but you have to agree that pink and rose is almost like a euphemism. And for that reason, pink will always be the most used color for a rose.

Ranging from a subtle hint of color to deep and bright, each pink rose has its own meaning and implication. The palest pink roses are sweet color variations, a sign of gentleness, joy and grace. The light to medium pink roses can show sympathy or admiration. They're often seen in bridal arrangements, thank you or congratulations bouquets.

Pink is the color of the heart chakra. You get the picture now, right?


Mystical Love, Enchantment, Love At First Sight

Probably the most mystical and fairy-tale perfect color of rose is lavender. Giving a lavender rose is an enchanting way to tell someone you love them, as in Cinderella and Prince Charming. The color definition of roses, for lavender, means Majestic, Enchantment and if the rose has zero thorns it represents love at first sight.


Power, Wisdom, Luxury, Elegance, Magic, Ambition, Sophistication and Majesty.

The color meaning in roses varies when there are several shades of one color. The lighter shades of purple roses are associated with love at first sight as well as true love. The darker shades mean more of long-term love and romance. The deep purple represents lasting love and can be seen as a 25th wedding anniversary gift.

Purple is a royal color and also often associated with Magic, so sending purple roses means you find her mysterious and majestic.


Blue Roses are not a natural flower. The real blue roses that exist are actually variations of purple or lavender, which look blue in certain light.


Purity, Secrecy, Innocence, Sympathy, Spirituality, Reverence, Worthiness, New Beginnings

White roses are traditionally used in weddings because they symbolize purity and innocence. Brides traditionally wear white and the Pope wears white on holy days. That says a lot, right?

The white rose comes in many different shades and nuances, from almost pure white to shades of ivory, making the perfect choice for bridal bouquets, corsages, and dramatic arrangements. You may use a cream color of the roses meaning charm and thoughtfulness.


Life, Health and Wellness.

Green Rose Art

Green is the color of the Archangel Raphael, responsible for cure. Green is a healing color, therefore often used in hospitals. Green is the color of our forests and one can say it is the color of life itself. The green rose is associated with the rejuvenation of spirit and is, therefore, a messenger of wellness and cheerfulness.


Friendship, Caring, Joy and Welcome or Welcome Back

Yellow Rose Art

If you understand anything about color therapy, you know yellow is the happiest of colors! In the same way, when someone offers yellow roses, they are being cheerful and joyful. Yellow roses are associated with warm feelings. When you give yellow roses, you are telling someone the joy they bring you and the friendship you share, you want to see them succeed in their journey. It is also the color of roses meaning for sorry.


Desire, Energy, Creativity, Enthusiasm, Pride

Orange roses indicate enthusiasm, desire, and excitement. Giving orange roses can symbolize your passionate romance and share your excitement about the relationship with your loved one.

The color orange is a cross between red and yellow. Just as the red rose means passion and the yellow rose means friendship, orange roses often mean a crossover between these two emotions.


Desire, Enthusiasm, Happiness

Coral is a softer variation of orange and brings the same meaning, with a little more subtlety on the intensity. The coral rose still speaks of desire but also of happiness and would be a perfect "thank you" gift, or a great way to remind someone that you still desire him or her.


A slightly pinker shade of orange, the meaning behind salmon-colored roses evoke the same message as orange roses.


Appreciation, Sincerity, Gratitude, Modesty

Peach roses are often sent to show your deep appreciation, sympathy, and gratitude, rather than a token of love. It is a good way to say “Thank You” or show how much you miss a dear friend.


Death of a Relationship, Rebirth

Black Rose Art

Though true black roses don't exist, you can find blooms of the darkest red that can look black. Giving someone black roses can mean the death of a relationship or idea. It may also symbolize rebirth or the beginning of something new, like the Death card in the Tarot deck.

A rare "black" rose is the Turkish Halfeti Rose. It only grows in exceptionally small numbers in the village of Halfeti, Turkey.

A good reference for extra information: Sensational Color