Set the vibe to a space by adding Art

Have you ever walked into a room and thought it needed a revamp? Some extra life?

Most likely it crossed your mind that the walls could do with a new color, or perhaps change the furniture? So much work there, isn't it?

Did it occur to you that adding a piece of Art can change completely how one perceives a space? Let's play a little with that idea.

We can start with an empty space.

no art on wall

How about we make it more inviting?

Rainbow Row Art on Wall

Or maybe you want it to be relaxing...

Ravenel Bridge Art on Wall

Or even, a bit dramatic?

Storm at Morris Island Art on Wall

How about we make it spicy?

nude couple art on wall

Once you consider a piece of art, the possibilities are endless!

Does this give you some ideas? Reach out if you'd like some suggestions.