PSOAE 2021

2021 Piccolo Spoleto Outdoor Exhibition is ON!

When: May 28th to June 12th (10am to 5pm)
Where: Marion Square, Charleston, SC.

This is my debut year!!!

Well... it was supposed to be last year but we got canceled so this is my actual first year doing PSOAE.

You can find me near the corner of Calhoon and Meeting street. Here is a map to make it easier:

Piccolo Spoleto 2021 Artists Map


I have a few new pieces that are on display for the very first time. Some of my favorites are coming too. 

Come see this amazing display of art with a group of over 60 artists. We are all excited to have the show back on so you are guaranteed to be greeted by extremely happy people. 

Sneak peak of my tent as I was setting up:


I look forward to seeing you there!

Much love!


Fer Caggiano