Proud American

Have you heard about my Citizenship? Yes! I passed the test last month, and I am so happy to say this is my very first 4th of July as an American Citizen.

I never thought a piece of paper could mean so much emotionally. Ever since I became a citizen, I feel like a huge load came off my shoulders. It is like I lived in constant fear and didn't even notice until I did not. My son has been in the USA for more years than in Brazil. He has learned to read and write here. I have built my family and my business in this country, yet there was always the fear of losing it all if the government decided to send us away.

I am so grateful for all my American friends and all the support and kind words. I have been in and out of this country ever since I was a teenager. I have been here as a student, as an L2 visa holder, as a tourist, as a green card resident. My art career started in NYC. Americans have always been highly supportive of my art, and I couldn't be more proud to now be "part of the team."

View the American Eagle Shawl

View the American Eagle Scarf

Based on the original painting "Freedom Rising"