Mount Pleasant Town Hall

I am thrilled to share that my work has been selected to be featured at the Mount Pleasant Mayor's Office for 3 months. It was an absolute pleasure meeting Mayor Will Haynie and Nicole Harvey, the special events manager.

They wrote a very sweet press release, that you can read in full on their website.

MOUNT PLEASANT, SC (March 2, 2018) – Local artist Fer Caggiano’s Laurel Hill Ave of Oaks was recently installed in the Mount Pleasant Mayor’s office as part of the Culture, Arts & Pride Commission Mayor’s Office Art Program, which aims to promote awareness of local artists and cultivate community pride.

Laurel Hill Ave of Oaks is a peaceful impasto oil on canvas that features a beautiful pathway shaded by a canopy of majestic oak trees. If you have not yet visited Laurel Hill County Park, this painting will likely inspire you to go exploring!

“I thoroughly enjoyed meeting Fer and am honored to have her beautiful art hanging in my office,” said Mayor Will Haynie. “It is wonderful to share her talent with everyone who visits my office.”

For an immigrant like myself, receiving such an honorable prize means a lot! I feel like this is a huge step into being accepted in my local community. Those who have followed my work since the beginning of my career, know that I have a very extensive resume and a long list of exhibitions and collectors worldwide. Part of it is due to the fact that I have moved a lot. In spite of that, every time I move it's like I have to start all over again. To gain recognition in the local community is a huge deal. I feel like this is the first major door that has opened up for me, as an artist, since I moved to SC just over 1 year ago.

They even made a cute plaque that I hope to take home once the showing period is done! :D

This painting is inspired by this "hidden gem" in Park West, the subdivision I live at. Not many people are aware we have such a lovely park with amazing trails. I remember when I first came across this majestic avenue of Oaks, I literally sat down and cried in awe. I feel extremely blessed to live here.

Thank you, Jay, my proud husband, for "dragging me" away from Sao Paulo and being supportive of my dreams.