Closing business. I appreciate those who supported me but I can’t afford to keep it running.

May The 20ies Begin!

Dear one,

Thank you so very much for being here during this year. So much has happened and there is a lot more coming for next year.

Highlights of 2019:

The Reforestation Project I am involved with has reached the main goal for the fundraiser. I have been told to be the top contributor to it and my logo has even been placed on the government website in Brazil for a supporter of reserves. Now, my dear friend and manager is looking into making their project larger.
I will continue to be involved and donate part of the funds on my Brazil series to this remarkable project.
Lowcountry Artists Gallery
This month I have completed a full year as a co-owner and Marketing Director at the Lowcountry Artists Gallery.
I am proud to say that I have accomplished a lot for all our artists. 
Mayor Haynie and Fer Caggiano
I was selected AGAIN for the art rotation project at the Mount Pleasant Town Hall. As an immigrant, this means a lot to me. I have also been selected for another project with the Mount Pleasant Culture, Arts & Pride Committee, but that project is not finished yet so I will share more on this later.
Goals for 2020:
Portrait of Gabrielle Forgione
In 2020 my main goal will be to complete the Like a Girl Project.
I now have a writer to work on the bios and some absolutely amazing women already involved.
I am currently looking for sponsors. Shoot me an email if you would like more information on this.
I plan on writing more on my blog. If you never checked it out, please do. My latest article is "I am a Colorist Artist, but what does that mean?"
I am loving designing my line of wearable art.
My current top sellers are the Rainbow Row scarves. I already have a few more ideas for a new line so make sure you stay tuned for that.
On one last insider note, I would like to inform that my prices will have to be raised next year so if you want to take advantage of the current prices, order now.

I wish everyone a wonderful 2020!
May it be blessed with love, prosperity, health and good fortune.

I love you.