Closing business. I appreciate those who supported me but I can’t afford to keep it running.

I have been selected again

What a nice start to the year!

Sunset Over the Ravenel Bridge

Do you remember I had a piece hanging at the Mayor’s office last year? To be precise, it was hung on Valentine’s Day. The program was meant to rotate the art after 3-4 months, but I like to say they just loved my piece so much that I was only asked to pick it up last week.

The Mount Pleasant Town Hall has a new Arts program and even though the new program started last year, they only got it fully elaborated and expanded this year. Now, instead of having art in the Mayor’s office, we are selected to show all over the Town Hall Building. I applied for the new program and was selected again.

My piece currently on display is the Sunset Over Ravenel Bridge. Mr. Mayor was very sweet and he told me he recognized the precise location I used for inspiration.

Now, this talk about having my art hung since Valentine's got me thinking… it is almost that time of the year! Are you looking into a Valentine's gift already? Stay tuned! I will be offering a special soon.