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How to be Bee Friendly: 5 Tips for Making BeeFFs

Bee populations have been in decline over the last few decades. Ecological preservation and the upkeep of global food supply is contingent on the prosperity of bees and other pollinators. Here are the top 5 tips for making (and keeping) some fuzzy, buzzy friends. 

1. Bee good buzzness partners

The economic value that Bees contribute to on the global stage of agricultural production surpasses $120Billion USD. Here is a good infographic to explain. I feel like we should compensate them for their work!

We should recognize the massive contribution that Bees bring to the global supply chain. A good way to compensate them for their hard work is to collect colony information and perform a bee health audit in your own community. Researchers need help gauging the population and health of bees all over. To learn more about the best practices of helping out visit here to discover the BeeBlitz, Citizen Science Program. You can also support local beekeepers in their ongoing efforts to combat population decline. 

2. Bee Healthy

Certain pesticides can be harmful to bee colonies. These pesticides impede a Bee’s natural ability to groom themselves, exposing them to harmful mites. These chemicals also worsen their ability to navigate and communicate. Bees have a complex yet delicate social structure and are being negatively affected by incessant pesticide use. Choosing organic produce can help reduce the overall contribution to harmful agricultural practices. Not to mention all the health benefits you will reap by cutting down exposure to chemicals in your diet!


Bee Art

(Fer Caggiano, The Hive)


3. Bee Accommodating

Use native flowers and trees in your gardening in combination with chemical free upkeep practices.


4. Bee friends with their friends

 Functionally, bees are only one species within a broader category of pollinators. Butterflies, moths, flies and hummingbirds also help the ecological health of a given area. 


pink bee art

(Fer Caggiano, The Hive)

5. Bee an Advocate for the voiceless

By supporting ongoing initiates, we can bring more attention to this often overlooked conversation. Fer’s latest series, The Hive, is centered around the ongoing issue of pollinator population decline. Discover her latest series launch here.


Bee Hive Art by Fer Caggiano Art