Food for Though during the COVID-19 outbreak

Just my humble artist, mom, wife, small business observation

First time I heard of the outbreak I was reluctant to believe in the seriousness of it. My first thought was “how does it compare to previous outbreaks like SARS, Influenza, etc.?” Soon enough everything was being shut down, the world came to a full stop and we are all waiting for a miracle to happen.

What if THIS was the miracle we were waiting for?

Wait, what? Let me explain.

Change doesn’t happen without effort. And let’s face it, the world has been screaming for change in so many aspects!

A real clear realization we all can agree with: the planet does MUCH better without humans interference. Our Mother Earth has been dealing with us, spoiled children, for so long… we take, take, take until there is nothing left. The resources to keep humans here are very costly and it is clear to see that as soon as we stop harming, our beautiful mother has been able to recover immensely. We kept saying how we couldn’t stop the economy or driving our cars, using plastic bags, etc. to give the planet time to heal. Well, the decision was made for us.

Yes, we can do differently. So how about we start now?

This brings us to the economy. I am no economist and I have no understanding of how such a fragile system has been rolling for so long. But I can tell it is not working for everyone. I live in the USA and even though my business has taken a toll, we are still pretty safe. There are so many measures being taken that I know we will be ok. However, I am originally from Brazil and I am very worried about people in countries like that. I doubt the government will be of any help, but I do believe in the people and I can see them getting through by helping each other. I don’t see money being the solution, only action. People will share food and essential goods. Perhaps it is time to rethink the economy. The collaborative economy was just emerging, and my guess is that we will be moving in that direction.

My final observation has to do with belief. I am not talking about religion or faith; I am talking about believes in what truly matters and in what we should put our focus on. When we are all under a lockdown it is much easier to clear our minds to what is truly important. What are the core values in your life? We all need the basics to survive, such as food, shelter, and water. However, humans don’t survive on essentials only, we need emotional fulfillment, we have the urge to create a legacy. We suddenly realize who are the people that matter in our lives and that social distancing can be one of the hardest things for us to implement.

This pandemic brings a huge reflection to us all. Individual action will affect everyone else. The invisible spread has turned the butterfly effect visible. One person not knowing they were sick, traveling to a place that was virus-free, suddenly gets a whole new group sick. To stop the pandemic, we are forced to think of each other, to realize how connected we are. The virus respects no border, our connection has no borders. We are ONE. It is time to act like it.

What are you doing to make things better? We all have a part to play. Even if your part is simply staying home. The body needs all organs to function properly. If we realize we are one body, I am sure the world will be healthy again sooner than later.

Peacock Silk Scarf
Peacock Silk Scarf - photo taken by my 6-year-old

Personal Experience

Unlike most people, I am actually pretty isolated most of the time. I work from home and I have been self-employed for about 20 years now. I enjoy the silence and I love what I do. If I could, I’d work 24/7.

I believe everyone has something to learn during this crisis, and for me, it has been mostly allowing the family to come first. Homeschooling has been really hard for me. Instead of studio time, I now spend most of my day helping my 6-year-old get by his studies, taking him outside to bike rides and making sure I can minimize the effects of isolation on him.

My husband is now also working from home and we have Bella every second week. My quiet environment is now very busy, and I am struggling not to have my alone time.

I could take the easy choice and leave Cauê on his iPad while I go downstairs to work, but I understand that he needs support now more then I need to work.

So, while I seat with my son for his homework to get done, I have been creating coloring pages that I’ve made available for free download on my website. Art may not be considered essential, but I honestly believe it is. Art is helping people get through this. People are turning to books, music, movies and craft projects. Art keeps us sane. Art feeds our soul.

Be safe everyone! Love one another. Offer help if it is within your reach.

We are one. We are stronger together.

Much Love,