Did you know I used to be a Portrait Artist?

Twenty years ago, I was a young student at the Art Students League in NYC, determined to become a successful artist. Considering I went to Marketing & Advertising University instead (I didn’t believe I could be successful as an artist in Brazil), I felt like I had to make up for the lost time. 

Ever since I was little I remember loving to draw people. I have always been fascinated by hands and the human body in general. Finding the League in NY was a blessing! I painted every day at school and at home on the weekends. I worked on some three different canvases each week. My commitment to becoming great at it had me volunteering at the MoMA, being the class monitor for the ASL and having shows whenever I could. My early portraits got me a few awards, including being chosen to exhibit at Agora Gallery in SOHO (Manhattan). I spent several years dedicated to painting mostly figurative art. Of course, I would do a landscape here and there, but it was people that moved my heart.

Unfortunately, selling random people’s portraits was not so easy, so I started working more and more on landscapes and still life. Don’t get me wrong, I do love painting landscapes also, but there is something to figurative that simply moves me. So, I have recently realized I have to get back to my nudes, portraits and sometimes, a few politically incorrect pieces.

If you are interested in following my uncensored Instagram account, find me at @fercaggianoart - out of respect to some of my conservative crowd, I am trying to keep it all separated. The “easy on the eye” art is on my @fercaggianoInstagram account.

For those that are interested in looking at some of my latest nudes, I am adding a few below for your appreciation. If you'd rather not look at them, do not scroll down ;-)