Closing business. I appreciate those who supported me but I can’t afford to keep it running.

Commitment to the Environment and the Community

One of my biggest concerns, ever since I was a kid, has been into helping preserve Nature.

I remember hand drawing posters about recycling and riding my tricycle around my parents' neighborhood, fixing the signs to lamp posts in an effort to bring awareness to the theme. Of course, I had no idea I was contradicting wasting so much paper on the same matter.

That is to say, we don't always get it right but I will keep doing my best, in whatever area I have control and awareness of.

Every series I create helps me support a worthy cause. Whether you are aware of it or not, you are also helping when you buy from me.

The "Saudade" series, for instance, is supporting a reforestation project in Brazil. I love this project so much that I have donated way more then I have collected.

The "Like A Girl" series and the "Like A Girl: Dare To Dream" project will be supporting an association that helps girls and women position themselves in their careers. My partners are still researching what is a good association for us to connect with. I will announce it soon.

On top of it all, when I decided to launch my product line I researched possible suppliers and I have chosen a few partners that I trust are doing good work with great awareness on their process.

The first wearable art series was developed through VIDA. They have some really good fair trade policies and zero waste commitment. I do love their fabrics, design, and community programs, however, once I decided to focus on scarves, I found a new partner that follows similar principals and offers a few different options that I was looking for, so my new line of scarves are produced by Scafos.

Expanding my product line I have started an awesome partnership with Gooten. Through them, I have a huge array of products produced on demand and using suppliers that are also committed to environmental causes, supporting associations such as Trees for the Future.

Thank you SO MUCH for riding along in this journey. It is all possible because of you.

With Love,

Fer Caggiano