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Brazilian Talents Pop Up Show

Brazilian Talents

Pop-Up Show at The Healing Gallery

June 16th

Brazilian Talents

What an awesome showcase of Brazilian Talents at The Healing Gallery in the heart of our beloved Charleston! I had the pleasure of showing my work alongside the photography of Getty represented photographer Daniela Duncan and a collection of handcrafted Brazilian Golden Grass jewelry presented by Vanessa Mendes.

If you have Brazilian friends, you know we love a good party and we are known to be generous hosts.  As you walked into the venue, you were welcomed by a large table of Brazilian delicacies. There was also caipirinha and batida de côco served, some of our classic drinks!

The evening was fun with the atmosphere of a genuine Brazilian gathering. A great crowd came to our venue and I feel truly blessed to have been invited to show in such a lovely and cozy gallery.

The owner loved the work so much that she has asked us to extend the viewing for a full month. So, if you missed the party, you can at least still go see and buy the work in the coming weeks.

The Healing Gallery is located at: 56 1/2 Queen St.
29401 Charleston, South Carolina Get Directions (843) 637-3237  

Pictures by amazing photographer J.R. Getches