Closing business. I appreciate those who supported me but I can’t afford to keep it running.

8 Scarves Everyone Will Love

Last year I was approached by a company to represent my art on a clothesline. I loved the idea but I didn't like the contract to which I had to sign exclusive copyright. That was when I decided to create my own collection of scarves for women, and these are my favorites!

I started my collection with my top seller image: Rainbow Row, Rainbow Sky. The original is long gone but I sell lots of prints and products based on it. The scarves arrived very close to Christmas when most people had already done their holiday shopping and yet, I sold a lot of them.

Rainbow Row Modal Scarf

I have created some variations, including the Infinity Eco Scarf, and a cotton scarf but my favorite is the Modal.

Almost a year after I painted the first Rainbow Row piece, I decided to create a night version and that has become the new favorite. Of course, I have already created a whole line of products with this image and this scarf has made it to the top scarves for sale online in my shop. A best seller!

Rainbow Row at Night Modal Scarf

Modal is an amazing fabric! I love it!

The first modal was created in Japan in 1951 and has been improved over time. Modal is the third generation with micro-modal (lyocell) being the fourth.

Modal is incredibly luxurious, lightweight, and silky smooth. It breathes, absorbs water, is shrink resistant, and holds dyes well so your scarf is unlikely to fade. It is soft and warm and a quality modal will not pill easily.

Modal is a wood pulp fiber, technically known as “Regenerated cellulose fiber”. These types of fabrics are not new, in fact, the first cellulose fiber was developed in 1855 and is called rayon. The next generation is called viscose.

Angel Oak Modal Shawl

I realized people love having their local favorite location as wearable art and with that thought I created the Angel Oak Tree Shawl. I love the idea that you are embraced by this ancient tree when you put your shawl on.

Besides the shawl, you have the scarf option. Same fabric, different size.

Peacock Silky Scarves

After I got into the scarves, I kept envisioning a peacock. I mean, who doesn't love the colors of the peacock? And considering my art is all about colors, I figured I should work on this idea. The peacock turned out to become a really great piece and I immediately created a full product line for it. As for scarves, I have 4 options with this image. Silk Scarf, Silk Shawl, Modal Scarf, Modal Shawl. In the picture, you see one of the silky scarves.


Peacock Modal Shawl

I am absolutely IN LOVE with my collection and I am proud to say I always get many compliments whenever I am wearing one of my products. They are not only a great versatile and colorful item to cheer your look, but they also make an awesome gift.

Also, I can't forget to mention my commitment to the environment and the community. My scarves are fair trade and eco-friendly. Learn more about it here.

I hold a small inventory of this collection so if you want it, order yours now! When I get low on inventory I will have more done, but the process takes about a month.